“Mr. Parker, how is everything?” Tony patted Peter on the shoulder. After graduation Tony had hired Peter as an intern at the formerly known Avengers Academy. Peter needed the job for extra cash since NYU wasn’t cheap and he felt bad that Tony was paying for the half that scholarships weren’t paying for. Tony had no problem in paying for everything for Peter clearly. He was considered a son to him after all. He was also getting his practice in since him and Pepper were trying for that baby that Tony mentioned before Thanos took over. But now Peter is in school and is only working on the weekends. “Uhhh it’s going good. Just have to tweak some things in the programming and the Hulk Buster should be back up and running.” Peter smiled confidently. Just hearing that made Tony proud. “You know kid, I’m glad I promoted you from assistant to computer sci-tech. I find it intriguing how you, a freshman in college, is doing a hell of better job than the ones I had hired. They had doctorates in this field.” Peter had a slight blush to his cheeks from the proud compliment. “It’s a pleasure Tony. I need a favor though and I’m sorry in advance for asking.” Peter looked down.

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