Did someone say fall? (Nov 2017)

6 months ago 7



  • jen_haddock
    @angiesonnenberg it might be. I went last year on Nov 10th. You can watch their website - they do a color report each fall. (Although I also check photos they're tagged in) - 6 months ago
  • angiesonnenberg
    @jen_haddock I do too!! My boys have football every weekend until thanksgiving. Will it be too late after that?? - 6 months ago
  • jen_haddock
    @angiesonnenberg I wish! I'm in need for some outdoor time! I want to go again this year when the leaves are turning. - 6 months ago
  • angiesonnenberg
    @jen_haddock -just read the caption. I thought that was from this weekend! 😉🙄 - 6 months ago
  • angiesonnenberg
    Oh my gosh, GORGEOUS!!! - 6 months ago
  • lilasheehan
    Beautiful - 6 months ago
  • goroamoutdoors
    What a cool pic Jen! We love your page too. @bearinmindlogbooks Eco-Friendly Logbooks would strongly compliment your lifestyle! - 6 months ago