Aaah, Saturday of was so much fun!!!!
I was lucky enough to be accompanied by my amazing friend @_bakyura_ , who also made an amazing Thor! You truly are the worst (best), brother!
By a stroke of sheer luck, both our costumes were finished in time and we only needed to touch a couple things up in the . XD
Though we didn’t make it to the Marvel Meet-up,we did get to enter the costume contest (which I’ll put up as a separate post later), and I may of stolen Thor’s hammer once or twice. 😅
Overall, today was AMAZING!! My Loki got such amazing responses (I even got to re-create a vine with a Loki-loving vendor!), and I had so much fun being able to share the moments with one of my greatest friends of all time. I can’t wait until tomorrow, my brotha, when the sun will shine on us again!
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See yourself or someone you recognize? Please feel free to give a shout-out so I can properly tag everyone–you all looked AMAZING today!!

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