The 90s pager but the top one doesn't look similar to the one we saw from Avengers Infinity War it's old tech but the pager in the Captain Marvel trailer doesn't have the gadgets on it 🤷‍♂️!!

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  • nap_bordaje_
    Yeah I remember seeing Nick Fury using that Gadget to call Captain Marvel in Infinity Wars but this Gadget version in the Captain Marvel movie yeah it doesn't look similar. Still yet tho I hope the post credits scenes in the Captain Marvel movie will show her getting that call from Nick Fury. We all don't know where could she be right now so my guess she might be in a different planet. - 3 months ago
  • beard_buddy_
    Its look same but the infinity war one is upgraded i think .... - 3 months ago
  • hakuna__matataaaaa
    I believe because she’s in outer space... so they had to make the pager stronger ... - 3 months ago