This is just how I feel😐🤷🏻‍♂️🤡
The most simple camera test w a great song hyped me up more than CM’s teaser trailer.
Also SUPER refreshing to witness grade A facial expression and acting by Phoenix after Larson’s stone face.
Sorry I’m not sorry.
Also thanks @dceuvisuals for the quality Cap Marvel pic.
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  • letty4789
    cared nothing for CM but the trailer intrigued me BUT NOTHING tops the Joker - 9 days ago
  • botherso.me
    same here, I'm super hyped for joker - 12 days ago
  • _kayphoto
    A 5'9 Joker 👏👏 - 12 days ago
  • follower_.irani_
    💯تخفیف ویژه نامحدود 💯
    🔥هر 10 کا فالوئر فعال 30تومن فیک 20 تومن🔥
    🔥هر 20 کا فالوئر فعال 50 تومن فیک 45تومن🔥
    ویو فیلم هر کا 3تومن👁‍🗨 سین استوری هر کا 4تومن 👁‍🗨
    لایک هر کا 25تومن♥️
    کامنت هر 100تا 2تومن💬
    هک اینستاگرام فقط نیاز به ایدی 30تومن (تضمینی)🎈
    هک تلگرام فقط نیاز به شماره 25 تومن (تضمینی)🎈
    💯جهت رزرو به دایرکت مراجعه کنید 💯 - 19 days ago
  • dc_marvel_super_memes
    I liked both but captain marvel's trailer didn't give me a "wow" scene - 20 days ago
  • pablo_escobutt
    "yeah let's get blindly excited about another no direction cash grab attempt movie from the dceu" - 20 days ago
  • sam_o13
    Facts - 20 days ago
  • klyntar_04
    @datlodbrokh cringy ass - 20 days ago
  • klyntar_04
    @datlodbrokh that joke makes no sense smh. Mabey you should go back to school and get made fun of. - 20 days ago
  • datlodbrokh
    @wkcs.04 trailer? Dude you should go visit a doctor - 20 days ago
  • biplabmondal_
    @wkcs.04 that not even a joker trailer you slum dog - 20 days ago
  • ilan__smith
    @mikegovea852 dude, the joker movie isn’t part of the dceu. That’s like saying the dark knight trilogy or Batman ‘89 is. - 20 days ago
  • klyntar_04
    @decentman22 do realize it's sad replying to a 4 day ago comment - 20 days ago
  • decentman22
    @wkcs.04 what title? Are you stupid or what that test footage is from the director official account what title are you referring to - 20 days ago
  • cole__smethurst
    I’m the same. Don’t be ashamed - 21 days ago
  • satrio_wayne
    The comment section is very toxic - 21 days ago
  • mudda.luh.me
    @david._.grant that’s the look they went for tho, ledger did that, letoswas a joke - 21 days ago
  • mudda.luh.me
    You really bitchin bout her havin a serious face in serious situations, lmao what - 21 days ago
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