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Sup everyone, Happy Friday! We’re ending the work week with a cosplay spotlight! We’re gonna feature our favorite cosplay pals every week and introduce you to some of the most talented cosplayers to hit the scene! This weeks spotlight needs no introduction if you’re in the world of cosplay. We’re featuring @katydecobray Katy’s been doing her thing in the cosplay world for a minute and has the portfolio to prove it! This girl is a friggen chameleon. She’s cosplayed everyone from The Venture Bros. Dr. Girlfriend, Elektra, Cable, Robin to one of her ATF from the G.I. Joe world The Baroness. If you aren’t following her I know you are now. We’d like to thank our friend Katy for being our first featured cosplayer and look forward to seeing some of her new amazing work sometime in the near future. If YOU are a cosplayer or a fan of cosplay please hit us up in the comments or DM and let us know who you think we should feature next week. .
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