Craig Mack came out with a classic Project: Funk Da World. This album is a follow up to Biggie's Ready To Die when Bad Boy was just startin out. The joint that lit that fire is the infamous Classic Flava In Ya Ear. Couple of classic bangers from this album like Get Down and Making Moves With Puff made this album dope. I wish the Remix to Flava In Ya Ear was the bonus cut for this album.......................

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  • chinafatass1
    @j_blacco God/Allah bless u - 27 days ago
  • j_blacco
    Still got this album in rotation. Real talk - 1 month ago
  • _joegucc
    Dopeeeeeee - 1 month ago
  • chinafatass1
    @jdl040980 I'm not trying 2 disrespect u my brother! But Doo please understand That CRAIG MACK was very influential in the making of Hip Hop before Puff Daddy label was even really off the ground Craig Mack was one of the inspirational people that were the first people that actually found it yeah I found it that label with his first hit here comes the brand new flavor in your ear just tried it like it's not Google you know just research God bless you he was my best friend in the past just give him a little bit of respect dude please God bless you the same respect you would want in your passing especially if you were doing something great for our black community everybody that loves hip-hop weather white black Hispanic God bless you my brother - 1 month ago
  • jdl040980
    @chinafatass1 yeah - 1 month ago
  • chinafatass1
    If you not understanding Craig Mack that was my very best friend please exit the post if you have nothing but negative to say get the f*** out the post bro - 1 month ago
  • chinafatass1
    This waz my best friend bac in the. Dat glue πŸ’”πŸ’‹πŸ’”πŸ™πŸ‘‘πŸŽΆπŸ‘‘day's yo he told i waz crazy lik REST BBY BOY - 1 month ago
  • chinafatass1
    @jdl040980 r u dead ass! - 1 month ago
  • nomraed
    RIP - 1 month ago
  • djdiamondtheartist
    What Cha Gonna Do When God Comes .... U Can Front Now But When God Comes πŸ™ - 1 month ago
  • prairietribute.photography
    @jdl040980 i agree. I think flava in ya ear was the classic of the album, especially the remix with Biggie, LL and such. Def not a classic album tho - 1 month ago
  • goktug_meral
    Get down my favorite - 1 month ago
  • jdl040980
    I own this album but I’m curious as to what makes this a β€œclassic”?. - 1 month ago