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  • kheeming_
    why her face look so fat tho in the middle row and last row - 7 months ago
  • davidsamani1388
    Not at all - 7 months ago
  • tomdoyle171
    She’s getting her memory wiped - 7 months ago
  • _sonofasnitch_
    @nigel.g_ oh wow!!! I didn't know that...😱😱thanks for telling me😀😀 - 7 months ago
  • manoj_cap
    Ssssss - 7 months ago
  • jowhale.t
    @electron377 Black Widow doesn't have "short hair" as in a pixie cut like Captain Marvel. Nat's going to have long hair in Avengers 4, so as far as main female superheroes go: Wanda, Nat, Gamora, Mantis, and Hope all have long hair. That's more than half, and I would love to see one of the leading female superheroes with a pixie cut/ "masculine" hair cut - 7 months ago
  • fbi_nigga_69
    Fuck captain marvel - Dick Grayson
    Also me - 7 months ago
  • electron377
    @jowhale.t ummm Okoye is bald and Black Widow has short hair. With nubula thats half the women - 7 months ago
  • thighlerrjoseph
    give her the short hair @marvel cowards - 7 months ago
  • jowhale.t
    @nathaliemairey True, but at the same time every other female superhero has long hair (besides Nebula) and in several comic storylines Carol has short hair. Personally I'd really love to see a female superhero with short hair, to show that you are just as valid as a woman with short hair as you are with long hair. - 7 months ago
  • nathaliemairey
    Is it that bad that I prefer her with longer hair?? Being feminine is not a weakness. - 7 months ago
  • _jack.norman
    @jamesstanden99 - 7 months ago
  • morganthefruit
    I don’t mind the short hair only issue is if they make her like the comics than we’re gonna have a problem because her personality when she has short hair is a big ignorant and stubborn - 7 months ago
  • bryan.w.h
    Fuck no - 7 months ago
  • young710chugger
    Yeah - 7 months ago
  • theodds1outlol
    You screwed @ofherkreepowers - 7 months ago
  • __coreyyy__
    @bonecasket If they did read them they’d know CM has always been a shitty comic book character, from her personality to her to her ridiculous character traits and horrible comic sales. Squirrel Girl is more likable than her for god sake - 7 months ago
  • __coreyyy__
    @bonecasket exactly.. then you got kids like that^^^ who don’t read comics and hop on the MCU bandwagon acting like they know who CM is but really they’re just riding this SJW agendas dick thinking she’s like the greatest Marvel hero to live 🙄 - 7 months ago
  • bonecasket
    @__coreyyy__ Deadass. Everyone is over CM tbh. Well, Liberal agenda forced diversity legacy heroes in general. They have had to retcon CM so many times because its always just been a bad character thanks to the shitty writing, the fact that she's unrelatable tbh, her origin story is wack and she doesn't really stand for much with a deep reason. Now they wanna make this unpopular as fuck character a flagship character... Just why - 7 months ago
  • log_in_your_password
    Personally I dont think Brie Larson would look good with short hair but it's just hair so I really couldn't care less - 7 months ago
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