Have to say I was pretty impressed with the fact that the toppings on this smoothie didn't sink to the bottom😆🤸🏻‍♀️
I just love the fact that you can fill up a smoothie with so many nutrient dense, healthy stuff, and still have it taste like a yummy chocolate milkshake-ish drink 😁😎
We all know by now that chocolate (actually cacao) helps to improve your mood.. But did you know that it could also help to alleviate stress and contains antioxidants and minerals like iron, copper and maganese?!🙌🏼✨ .
Unfortunately, this is not a free ticket to eat as much chocolate as we want (though I still sometimes do.. Ooops). Make sure to check your labels and try to choose chocolate with at least 70% cocoa content, contains less than 7 ingredients and that preferably uses natural sugars like stevia, or raw honey.
If this🔝 isn't possible, don't beat yourself up! Remember the aim is progress, not perfection. ✨
For this 🍫Chocolate Smoothie🍫 I blended:
~Frozen banana
~Ice (...ice baby)
~Cacao powder ~Vanilla ~Stevia drops ~Coconut milk ~Soy protein powder
~Cacao maca boost (from @healthconnectionsa )
~Chia seeds ~Spinach (yeah you read right😁)

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