NEW POSTED NOW! Link in bio for the full video! Before we get into accused sexual predator and nominee Brett Kavanaugh, have y'all noticed how much more peaceful the internet is without those God awful from white power Barbie @tomilahren 🤣 THE RESISTANCE IS WORKING. Progress is slow but it's tangible: we are in the process of witnessing the GOP's favorite network @foxnews cower behind its upcoming @foxnation members-only subscription service. GOOD RIDDANCE to normalizing divisive, dangerous rhetoric... we are headed in the right direction folks! Remember, the alt-right and 45 sympathizers DO NOT DESERVE to live in comfort. Making these people uncomfortable as they go about their every day lives is nothing in comparison to the ideologies and policies they push that are putting fellow Americans' and prospective Americans' rights/lives on the line DAILY. 》SUPPORT FINAL FACTS TAKING DOWN TOMI @ POLITICON NEXT MONTH gofundme.com/finalfactstakesonpoliticon《

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