I’m not gonna lie, as much as I’m still excited for Captain Marvel, and as badass as Larson looks, the trailer didn’t help at all.
Shazam!’s trailer really encapsulated me at the start, and I get a very genuine feel from it.
Still gonna see both opening day probably.
Which trailer DID YOU like more?
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  • blurrymoony
    Shazam! - 22 days ago
  • matt_jacobs1985
    Shazam - 22 days ago
  • julienperez96
    @ivancuric__ only the movies are. I heard the comics are better. - 23 days ago
  • ivancuric__
    @julienperez96 so you are saying that dc is shit - 23 days ago
  • julienperez96
    @ivancuric__ well I know now. I just think hes dc hero so he dosent deserve the name - 23 days ago
  • ivancuric__
    @julienperez96 man u dont know that marvel stole many marvels characters and shazam cam way more before "captian marvel" and shazam is the original captian marvel - 23 days ago
  • bonvoyage69
    @romstormz oh okay ☺️ - 24 days ago
  • mtumeshahid
    SHAZAM all the way - 24 days ago
  • nikhil.agrawal
    Brie looks awful as a superhero and those amazing expressions doesn't help her either. - 24 days ago
  • psyc_ninja
    @tiptop2944 I agree with u man that everyone has there personal opinion..... And I think that the trailer of the movie doesn't decide how the original movie is......like the suicide squad's trailer views are more than civil war but civil war is a much better.....therefore we should decide which movie is better only after we saw the original movie - 25 days ago
  • tiptop2944
    @romstormz I personally think the trailer looked good, and i can understand and respect the opinions of people who personally thought it didn’t look good. Because theres no such thing as an objective personal opinion. I agree that fanboys of 1 brand are delusional. Yea, some Marvel fans are the way you describe them as being, what you seem to not notice is that you’re also discribing yourself as being as delusional as them considering you’re unable to understand why a personal opinion of a movie trailer can’t be objective. I’m glad that the Shazam trailer is different from Captain Marvel. Do you want every superhero movie to look like a selfaware comedy and goofy comedy? Because that would ruin the uniqueness of the Shazam trailer - 25 days ago
  • psyc_ninja
    @bonvoyage69 I too like marvel but captain marvel is not adding up to me - 25 days ago
  • psyc_ninja
    @tiptop2944 What I meant to say is that the Captain marvel trailer honestly lacked expressions while the Shazam trailer was fun......so marvel fanboys should stop making excuses that she was brainwashed or that type of shit.....just admit that the trailer was boring and not original - 25 days ago
  • aj.solorio
    @tiptop2944 The genuinely high quality ones don’t. - 25 days ago
  • _____ll12
  • sethscappuccino
    Shazam - 25 days ago
  • alberto.floris
    The real captain marvel...shazam! - 25 days ago
  • kvnizer
    Shazam! - 25 days ago
  • nab11083
    Same - 26 days ago
  • desertcoffin
    Shazam! Seriously... Cap Marvel was very boring. - 26 days ago
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