So I'm getting some rumors about how Avengers 4 might or might not use time travel but if they cant do time travel then how is there a solution to stopping thanos cuz he has all the stones and the infinity gauntlet but its broken so he can get it repaired he's a God now so I'm thinking 🤔 how can the surviving avengers woke find a solution to beating thanos and restore order to the universe that was erased in half 🤷‍♂️ I mean eaither then that they need to time travel back to gather up the infinity stones from the past like every OG avenger would go to each Pacific location to get the stones but would change the outcome of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as we know it that's why I think Avengers 4 will be more intense then Infinity War was but it's all speculation guess it all depends on the Russo Bros!!
What do you guys think about how Avengers 4 outcome would not use time travel and the heroes would find a way to defeating thanos or they would have to time travel back to Make their own Infinity Gauntlet???

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  • h1_rr.e3z
    It could be Stark's B.A.R.F tech frm Civil War where he visits his own memories!!! - 28 days ago
  • nowellyung
    They no do time travel. I think ant man helps them do some quantum realm thing to go back - 28 days ago
  • kurniawanbatman
    Like x men day future past everything fixed by time travel - 28 days ago
  • hold_my_brick
    Reality travel. Like in the comics - 28 days ago
  • juliocesarsousalimamelo
    Oque qui o Capitão América ta fazendo no lugar no Homem de Ferro - 28 days ago
  • xavierorlandopr
    Idk, I just hope that if they use time travel they do it right, time travel is a super difficult thing to write a successful story around cuz it often makes things seem inconsequential or fucks up the timelines and mixes up the story - 28 days ago
  • pauljr070301
    You guys don't know anything 😂😂😂 - 28 days ago
  • traeanthony0503
    @octaviomunozzz why does ant man appear in te photo and stark not wearing armor - 28 days ago
  • traeanthony0503
    @antyads321 this is for avengers 4 he spoiled avengers 3 last year - 28 days ago
  • levant_meme
    Rostore order?? ... thanos restored the order with what he did - 28 days ago
  • isaiah_simmons_artist
    Hey everyone. I’m an artist trying to get my stuff out there, so follow if you like comic/superhero art. I’m also taking (very reasonably priced) commissions, so message me if you’re interested. Thanks - 28 days ago
  • cosmic_kittenh
    Different Portals - 28 days ago
  • mariolemoine
    @theworldofgeeks99up or they can call Thor and he go to titan with the Byfrost - 29 days ago
  • theworldofgeeks99up
    @himdathh on the Milano the guardians had left it there!! - 29 days ago
  • theworldofgeeks99up
    @mariolemoine that's a key - 29 days ago
  • s2_madness_
    Maybe they are gonna go big again and do the least expected and let thanos win . At that point they can make another timeline or sth for reboots and stuff or ... but nobody is sure just have to w8 till the movie comes out - 29 days ago
  • _.erik_the_kool808
    Do time travel - 29 days ago
  • boilingsun
    Please, no stupid time travel - 29 days ago
  • _.atheos._
    Yes, Time Stone instead..😂😂😎 - 29 days ago
  • batyr_akmyradov
    Deadpool will come and turn back time when thanos was baby and Cable gonna kill him because he loves killing babys 🤯 - 29 days ago
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