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  • mattd327
    @immediatesword 😂 not even close - 1 month ago
  • flyingacee94
    @immediatesword - I’m sure that’s exactly what’s happening 😭😂😂😂 - 1 month ago
  • breakem_off.proper
    @franklinds007 wait but immigrants stay in American jails for years though 🤔 - 1 month ago
  • pbjam30
    Excellent analogy 🇺🇸 - 1 month ago
  • immediatesword
    More like "I was being chased by a murderer so I fled into a theater. The manager let me stay there and gave me the left over popcorn and soda from people who never ate theirs" - 1 month ago
  • qtcherry03
    This is whats currently happening to our low income communities since OBAMNESTY .. there is no housing available, schools are over CROWDED, schools and itger loe income community resources are budgeting the districts taxpaying dollars to provide special services for illegals and theyre famlies, There is ONLY BODEGAS lining our blocks one right next door to eachother as the foreclosures on previous homeowners and business owners let slide OBAMNESTY made sure these ILLEGALS are comfortable and able to take over completely as planned by the year "2025" LOWER INCOME COMMUNITIES ARE FORCED TO SHARE WHAT WE DONT HAVE!! ITS SAD WHEN FELLOW AMERICANS DONT GIVE A DAME ANOUT THEIR OWN!!! #MAGA #TRUMP2020 - 1 month ago
  • joshua11780
    They should get a one way ticket back to were they came from - 1 month ago
  • simmonsgunrepair
    That only happens if you’ll vote Dem - 1 month ago
  • silmoreda1959
    😂🤣😂🤣😂👍 - 1 month ago
  • patriotic_highschooler
    @patriotic_highschooler Here* - 1 month ago
  • patriotic_highschooler
    @breakem_off_proper Simple. You come hear by cutting the line and get caught, then suffer the consequences. If Mexico can sentence an illegal American immigrant (not that I can think of any reason you’d want to move there) it’s straight up prison. Illegal Mexican to US? A nice notice for a court date to clear up your situation and if you don’t comply then ICE goes to get you. Hypocrisy on the Left yet again. - 1 month ago
  • franklinds007
    @breakem_off_proper Illegal immigration is enforced in every country on this planet if you illegally enter Mexico its a one-year imprisonment. Our enemies could enter, Criminals, Child sex rings, Drugs etc. - 1 month ago
  • maythomasrph
    🤣🤣🤣🤣 - 1 month ago
  • breakem_off.proper
    I don’t understand how you think you’re different from immigrants? You all dress 👗 the same get drunk and think the same also kill each other for the same stupid reasons - 1 month ago
  • kcur52
    I want to be on this plan!!! - 1 month ago
  • galvezluna
    you need to be mentally retarded to believe that illegal immigrants get everything handed to them who the fuck has told you that? my coworker keeps telling me how much she hates that "dreamers" get college tuitions fully paid for by government that is completely ridiculous all they get is a temporary work permit and ssi nothing else - 1 month ago
  • krisa68
    Brilliant🌟 - 1 month ago
  • randy____lopez
    @smllza81 perfect analogy - 1 month ago
  • jennyblue63
    And you got pissed at the person that was sitting in front of you obstructing your view didn't ya? Than after complaining you got free movie passes for the rest of your life. Yep-you are brilliant. - 1 month ago
  • supertekee
    IDIOCRACY 101. Why work???? - 1 month ago
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