From the artists perspective: The music video for ‘Home’ was conceptualized by my own inner expression of vulnerability and true love connection. Born out of a pure form of tasteful sensuality and feminine connection. Meant to represent the sanctuary of the safety and protection of two people in a love union, yet challenged by the frustration of distance. My mission was to prove a woman can showcase her inner prowess in a tasteful way. Im so grateful for the team who had my back in bringing my vision to life whilst maintaining a respectful understanding of my purpose and my belief system. Thank you to everyone who appreciates this, and has received my expression in its purest form. This means everything to me! I am an independent artist who has creative control over everything I do, and special people on my side protecting my cause whilst maintaining my creative freedom. I hope you love ‘Home’ as much as I do! BLESS 💕🙏🏽 Link in Bio!!

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