JOHN BYRNE’S THE SENSATIONAL SHE HULK: THE RETURN picks up where the brilliant writer/artist’s original run left off. Byrne’s second Shulkie series, coupled with the original might near-be perfect. It’s everything a great and classic comic should be. It’s well written, expertly drawn. It’s fun, exciting, entertaining, and witty. She-Hulk is smart, brave, sexy, and clever. Byrne is reverential and irreverent, self-referential and re-defines the “Marvel Superhero” genre with a gutsy, no-nonsense heroine who KNOWS she is in a comic. This is a classic. Byrne is a master and even manages an awesome assist from Miller, Chaykin, Simonson and more. Borrow it! Rent it! Love it! NUFF SAID!

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