*SWIPE*🚨 It’s officially been 3MONTHS since my spine surgery. It’s been a very hard journey and I’m so blessed the surgery was successful🙏🏾. I have 2 METAL RODS & 16 SCREWS in my back😬. This has really opened my eyes to see who was real in my life & who wasn’t. It was painful to see who I thought would be there wasn’t. That was just God showing me who needs to be in my life & who doesn’t. I appreciate all my family & friends who came literally everyday & called to check on me. 💙 Still healing and improving 💪🏾.

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  • danielle_troyer
    Ditto girl!! I have 6 rods and a pin in each as well 😳😳 FYI watch doing push-ups 😩 I broke a rob in my back a year after my surgery and have to have the surgery again to reopen the incision to replace the rod and pin - 5 days ago
  • freshprince_1123
    🙏🌺🙏 - 8 days ago
  • insta.gain.n8
    Hi Monet 😍 Awesome photography. Make sure you review our Bio - 11 days ago
  • jessmacole
    I definitely know this feeling.. a lot of fake love. Stuff hits the fan ppl disappear lol. Keep being strong boo on your journey to full recovery, I hope that you are starting to discover what a pain free life feels like!💚 - 14 days ago
  • jesusfavorite7___
    Healing is coming your way - 15 days ago
  • thaleiaaa
    Stay strong girl i understand you.❤ - 19 days ago
  • juneceodalinkent
    🙏🏽 - 19 days ago
  • evabutterly
    @monetlawren_ thankyou so much ❤️ - 21 days ago
  • monetlawren_
    @evabutterly Thank you so much hun❤️. Love your page & how you embrace yours as well. - 21 days ago
  • evabutterly
    You are an amazingly strong young woman. A surgery like that truly does separate the real deals from the fakes, but you are all the stronger because of it. Much love from Ireland ❤️ - 21 days ago
  • amaya91918
    I’m really happy that your surgery went well for you. Congratulations. - 23 days ago
  • monetlawren_
    @straightforwardfoundation ❤️❤️❤️❤️ - 24 days ago
  • straightforwardfoundation
    🙌🏾💪🏾👸🏽💚 - 24 days ago
  • danielle_troyer
    I have 6 rods plus screws and fusion from my hip. I pray you have a speedy recovery!!!! Dm me if you have questions - 25 days ago
  • danielle_troyer
    Hi from a fellow scoliosis survivor!! I had 3 53• curves and Harrington rods placed 20 years ago!! - 25 days ago
  • matiesel
    @moumoune976 - 25 days ago
  • jeanokechukwu
    Grateful to God for your life, speedy recovery in Jesus name - 30 days ago
  • _ty_williams1
    @monetlawren_ if you need anything don’t hesitate to ask 🙏🏽 - 1 month ago
  • monetlawren_
    @_ty_williams1 thank you 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 - 1 month ago
  • _ty_williams1
    Omg.. I’m SOO glad that you are okay🙏🏽💯❤️ you are really blessed and I’m praying for a speedy recovery for you! - 1 month ago
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