I gave @itsjojosiwa a makeover and now she wants to kill me. Please go watch and enjoy! Link in my bio.

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  • bluejayslps
    😂 - 1 hour ago
  • markovicsawa
    ❤❤❤❤❤ - 2 hours ago
  • devunisaacs26
    @bunizaya She actually looks her age! Like she's a beautiful girl 100% but when she's constantly wearing a bow and tight ponytail that's gotta hurt taking it out 😵 - 5 hours ago
  • niathompson89
    She actually looks 15 instead of 10 - 5 hours ago
  • niso.t.23
    you are pretty colleen😍❤❤🙌 - 5 hours ago
  • rubber_d0nuts
    everyone who is hating on Jojo should just shut up. She doesn’t need to grow up. She doesn’t need to change who she is. - 6 hours ago
  • ava.gootee
    @ella.ireland2018 yeah and she can be a brat - 7 hours ago
  • ella.ireland2018
    @ava.gootee that is not true jojo has style and can do and be what she wants - 11 hours ago
  • ohmyginet
    Congratulations you made Jojo look 15yo. Finally lol😂 - 16 hours ago
  • daniellapereira.x
    just a couple queens - 17 hours ago
  • soph_the_sofa
    @zestywestyy - 18 hours ago
  • moods.irl
    I wish she left her hair down more often, like you can still wear a bow without pulling your hair 😂 plus she looks wayyyyyyy better with her hair down. But I’ll let her do her 🤷🏻‍♀️ - 21 hours ago
  • joslin81005
    Her hairline is receding due to the constant tight pony tails - 22 hours ago
  • tas6252
    @_annie_sig_loren yeah but she looks like a 5’9 toddler. It’s kinda scary. - 23 hours ago
  • tas6252
    @little_monster_til_the_end ikr - 23 hours ago
  • lacey_klu
    @tylerthesmolbean21111 someone like collen, AND tøp, where have you've been all my life 😂😂 - 23 hours ago
  • minty.ava
    @talia5210 well you know there’s more than a million people in the world - 1 day ago
  • paytsesh
    She looks so beautiful, she needs to wear her hair down more istg - 1 day ago
  • tevysmith
    @itsjojosiwa girl was doing you a favour your hair finna snap off in that ponytail - 1 day ago
  • izjgymnast
    Are u actually Miranda sings - 2 days ago
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