Day 7
Today is last personal dedicated post. There are many more individuals who played a great role in supporting me. However the time is short... So this post is for 2 ladies of my life.

Being pastor is not a calling of one person of family, but it is calling of whole family. Thou salary is paid to one person but it takes efforts of family to make the work meaningful and purposeful. One person shines but it takes mind and time of family to make every effort a successful one. One person who worked all time behind the curtain is one and only "the padkinbai"
Mrs. Sheeba S Deodhar aka "the padkinbai" Of i could do the little that i have done while serving in this church is only because there was this lady who stood by my side. Strengthening me, supporting me and my best critic.To come back from duty at 7:30 pm not to be at someone's house @ 8 pm. Is the courage that Sheeba could show while supporting in my work. {i could have never done that}

Off course salomi had to sacrifice lot of her plans and time she could have spend with us. She has been a brave girl. A great support. The reason i am out of focus and they are,is because as a pastor one always gets all the attention all the time but they are the real reason of all thing that i could do.

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