"Just woke up and found my brother sitting on my couch"

So yeah. This is my joke account for my oc. I did it because I was bored. Don't expect me to post everyday.

My Dm is open for roleplay, I do any kind of roleplay. I'll use my oc Normandy and I can roleplay Canada, France, or Latvia if you want me to roleplay a canon character.

I am on the Hetalia amino. My account is Russia is love, Russia is life. I am also on the Steven Universe amino as Gilbird is Sorry

I have a deviantart. Its yoimacrog. I don't post on it a lot though.

I'm okay with any ship. I won't fight you for shipping someone as long as it's not a pedo ship. I don't like MPreg, it makes me uncomfortable.

I don't take constructive criticism. It makes me feel bad about my drawings.

Don't get angry at me if I don't respond in dm. I'm probably busy, sleeping, or with family because I have a real life.

The woman in the drawing is my hetalia oc Normandy. She is kinda a Wip but that's why I roleplay to develop her.
Her birthday is August 28th.

Her human name is Noélie Bonnefoy
She is kind, nice, helpful, caring, and respectful. She protecc and she attacc. She is perverted just like big brother France. She doesn't act all perverted around kids. Only around adults.

She has a farm and an orchard. It represents the local products restaurants in Normandy use and all the rural land.

She likes to paint due to impressionism and the fact that it started in Normandy.

Normandy likes to listen to music. She holds music festivals every year. She can sing but she doesn't have the most beautiful voice in the world.

Normandy used to have very long hair but due to war, she had to cut it to represent loss of soldiers and other stuff.

Her relationship with her former enemies are well. She is friends with Germany even though he devastated her.

I really don't care if you ship her with a canon character. Ask me if you want to use her in a drawing. Tell me if someone steals her. I will report them for stealing.


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