I h a t e my l i f e ahah. Take this because I’m procrastinating a different edit I have to do. My friend knows what I’m talking about. I recently started watching Teen Titans (not Go) because I was never allowed to as a child. Boy am I glad I can watch it now. I’m disappointed I missed out as a kid ugh. Better late than never!
Edit: I go gay for Raven lmao
Ac: @mttedits
Dt: @mikasedits
Song: Collide by Rachel Platten

Art Credits: Drpamelaisely, Koobiie, Paangoo, Kamobee23, Cassiferlynart, Azarathmetrionzingos, geologay, pichikui, @beefbeff , ashantejohnsonart, @sketchyceshira , alexandriaellisart, Dar-draws, Esther667, Puanchsalazar, Teakip, Onisnow
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  • lee.noirart
    LOVE ALL OF THEM - 2 months ago
  • xfukase
    teen titans was lowkey my life I acc miss it T^T - 6 months ago
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    Love your aesthetic - 6 months ago