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Delicious fruit platter breakfast! Fruits are not only the eye-candy, they ARE the real candy created by God.
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Fruits help us detoxify, cleanse, heal, protect from chronic illness, prevent illness, slows down aging, & kill pathogens.
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Fruits are brain food, they give us much needed glucose for our bodies. They nourish our cells with with important vitamins & minerals. "Fruits are anti-viral & anti-bacterial" - @medicalmedium. Mind blowing information!
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There are 2 important keys to enjoying fruits:
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1) Lower/eliminate the unhealthy fats that come from meats & dairy. Using too much of healthy fats from nuts, seeds, avocados, & oils is not good either.πŸ‘Ž Our livers are terribly burdened from eating too much fat! Why lowering fats is important?Β  Because the life sustaining sugar from the fruits has a very hard time getting absorbed by cells - because they have too much fat in them.
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2) Fruit must be ripe! For example, eating an unripe green banana might make cuts on our tongue, cause intestinal discomfort, & constipation.😣 So, we might say 'we hate bananas'! But a perfectly ripe banana is yellow with some brown dots on it. This banana is sweet, helps with digestion, & contains the most amount of nutrition.πŸ‘ How do you learn this info? Try googling 'medical medium <insert fruit name>', & exploring. Also, you will learn tons from Life-Changing Foods by @medicalmedium.
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I've always loved fruits, but never truly appreciated the true value of them until @medicalmedium. πŸ™ Now, when I eat a small bowl of dark cherries, I know they will help clean by body, as well as help build blood!πŸ’ I know that mangoes will help calm my nerves & sleep better. I know that fruits are the real brain food - & not the stinky, toxic fish oils everybody touts about.
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If you get a reaction after eating fruits there's a good chance that there is a lot of house-cleaning happening inside -

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