Sometimes i really want to travel back in time,hug little Sebastian and tell him that everything will be alright.He will be alright.His determination will bear fruit and allow him to help other's in life.

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  • marypuppo_writer
    @indddyconfetti All true, I'm taking a college course on European revolution to 1989 for history and it was a truly crazy time. I'm so glad they made it out safely. - 6 months ago
  • indddyconfetti
    It will definitely give you a new understanding and appreciation for people who lived through it and escaped from it. And it will shed a new light on the importance of things like Our Big Day Out. And how it’s even so much more important in Romania than it would be in a place like New York where he lives now. - 6 months ago
  • sebastianstanindia
    Oh my god.Thanks.Even i didn't know the extent of the situation.I will definitely read more about it.❤ @indddyconfetti - 6 months ago
  • indddyconfetti
    Also, if you’re interested in what types of things he’s talking about-
    The live broadcast of the Communist leaders being taken to trial and then executed was televised (they essentially took Ceausescu and his wife out back after the trial and shot them). The country was in upheaval. Romania was one of the only countries in Eastern Europe to have a bloody revolution instead of a mostly democratic one. There were riots in the streets and people died in attempts to overtake the government buildings. It was all around Christmas 1989 and while it was a very important and progressive moment for them as a country, I imagine it was horrifying to those living in the midst of it. But also horrifying was living under the Communist regime in the first place. Seriously. Look up some shit about “Romania under Communism” if you want to be appalled and disgusted and know why Sebastian’s mother would want to take her child and run in the first place. I know people who escaped it and to hear them talk about it is like reading a dystopian novel. - 6 months ago
  • sofiacapsali
    @barbragorl he s talking about the revolution when the communism fell and the fact that the tv broadcasted the whole thing and in communist romania you had a tv program only one hour a day and the whole night only on the new year's eve - 6 months ago
  • _mar_lalala
    @cobaltblues_ aww poor seb - 6 months ago
  • cobaltblues_
    @barbragorl the revolution againt communism in Romania - 6 months ago
  • omgbettany
    Wait woah woah woah I don't get this What happened I read it 5 times I still don't understand.. - 6 months ago
  • sebbysebstan
    Same :") - 6 months ago
  • eztrans4mations
    💗 - 6 months ago