This is my beautiful fiancé @nicolekrawiecki_ Incase anyone didn’t know ! She’s the most beautiful kind hearted thing that has every happened to me. Shes always one step ahead of me and loves me unconditionally no matter what she helps me she makes me wanna wake up in the morning. She’s literally what I live for. I would not know what to do without her.

2 months ago 3



  • shamroc_art
    Must be the greatest feeling in the world bro!!! I applaud you guys and congrats and hope many more years!!! - 2 months ago
  • tattoosbyrockey
    @nicolekrawiecki_ of course baby love ! - 2 months ago
  • nicolekrawiecki_
    I love you so much baby. You’re so good to me💕 thank you for being you 😘 - 2 months ago