Is this a respectable collection to hardcore collectors???(I’m curious)- All the figures I own, 16 in total.. using stock pics instead of hunting each down..

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  • crediblecritic
    Ooooh yeeeeah I want that lizard figure so baaad nooow bc it's like off of the 90s series - 2 months ago
  • wwe_vs_marvel_figures
    @legend_collector_ thanks ya I was just doing wwe for a while, got a late jump on the legends - 2 months ago
  • legend_collector_
    I started collecting legends this year so far I’ve got about 4 and I think that’s awesome so seeing 16 is definitely super impressive to me!!!👍👍👍 - 2 months ago
  • marvel_legend2001
    I’m hardcore, I have like 30 complete BAFs and their waves, and 16 is still impressive. - 2 months ago
  • wwe_vs_marvel_figures
    @tony.hypebeast 💀💀💀 - 2 months ago
  • tony.hypebeast
    No u need more lol just playing big bro that’s why wwe comes first in your name lol - 2 months ago
  • wwe_vs_marvel_figures
    @marvelsrerunlegends I meant the amount compared to hardcore marvel collectors seeing as I’m not strictly a marvel collector.. wanted to see if my collection holds weight for being a two genre collector - 2 months ago
  • marvelsrerunlegends
    What does respect even mean in those sense bro?,as long as your happy with your figures thats what matters ,yeah some people have thousands of followers but it's all cool as shit yo👌and js I love this BAF post I wish I had some of these finished and started - 2 months ago
  • jermell_lindsey_1
    Yes - 2 months ago
  • taylapimlott
    😊😊 - 2 months ago