Whether you are on the @medicalmedium 's Berry challenge or not, bringing berries in your daily life is essential. Berries are a powerful preventative of so many health issues.

Always remember that 'prevention is better than cure'. A lot of us take our health for granted, until we start to face some serious challenges.😞 Our health is like a precious gift that must never be taken for granted.

We've all heard Hippocrates’ famous saying β€˜Let food be thy medicine’, but have we truly understood it?πŸ€” For me, I truly learnt it's true impact from @medicalmedium - after I started healing by eating lots of berries, various fruits, vegetables, & herbs.🌱 Truly then, food became my medicine.

My entire family has joined the berry challenge!πŸ‘Š We enjoy our berries whole, or in smoothies, & ice creams.πŸ“ When we were travelling, we chose to take our precious Wild Blueberry powder by @vimergy with us, & when we couldn't get our hands on good berries, we drank this powerful concoction as taught by @medicalmedium in one of his Instagram lives. Here's what makes this combo supercharged:
β€œWild blueberry plants can be burned to the ground, and they will come back stronger than ever. No other food on the planet has the ability to thrive in such trying conditions. It is the number-one adaptogen, period.”
β€œIf you have any symptom, whether emotional, spiritual, or physical, try bringing wild blueberries into your life.”
. "Wild blueberry powder is a compressed concentrated powder. The nutrients are so intense, so it's medicine."
"Coconut enhances the power of anything it touches. It has an incredible reach. When combined with any healing food, coconut gets in touch with those benefits and supercharges them.” - Life-Changing Foods by @medicalmedium.

If my 10yr old can do this, you can too!πŸ‘ Let's show more gratitude towards the abundance God has provided us,πŸ™ & I feel it is our duty to feed this miraculous machine of a human body the foods that were truly created for it, so that these foods become a high-quality fuel.β›½

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