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Saw a few "dream team" posts and decided to share some of my own team ideas and talk about the potential for each team.

Marvel Villains Team - New World Order
Starring: - Master of the World - Exodus - Selene - Alex Wilder
Potential - there's so much going on with this team comp. I love it. Here's a few ideas I have:

__________________________________________________ ➖ MOTW is the core of this team. He has a huge history of team forming and out of the box selections for his teams (one including Luke Cage). A team like this is worthy of his greatest "Take over the world" plan though.
__________________________________________________ ➖ Selene was previously destroyed after she ascended into her Goddess state. If she were to return, Enshu could provide the perfect facilities to heal her. They would also make perfect bed fellows, her being 17,000 years old and he being 40,000.
___________________________________________________ ➖ Alex Wilder probably seems like an odd pick, but he's shown intellect on par with Zemo and upon his latest return from Hell he also demonstrated impressive physicals, and magical capabilities (even making an app that utilized magic, so some solid tech and magic blending). Alex would easily earn Enshu's respect, and Alex would see the team as an opportunity to be on the winning side for once.
___________________________________________________ ➖ Exodus has been many things in his life, leader and follower included. I think if MOTW wanted to plan a good "take over the world" scenario he would have to take mutants into the equation, and Exodus would be a perfect solution because of his history of influencing large populations/his good will from stopping Mothervine. Exodus would want to at least appear on his side as a safeguard against any mutant casualties.

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