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1. ”Racial Showcasing”: is a sophisticated way of confusing black people by giving the ”appearance” that some black people are not subject to the system of White Supremacy. By sometimes ”placing” great numbers of black people in so-called ”prominent positions” for the purpose of producing the ”illusion” that Racism, If it continues to exist, certainly does not exist enough to complain about.
2. ”Racial Tailor:” They do not intend to kill all black people. They intend to ”tailor” the numbers of black people, by killing a calculated number in different places, at different times, according to whatever will best ”fit” any long-term or short-term plans that they have in mind for better control and future domination and mistreatment of black people.
3. ”Racial dislocation:” It will be absolutely necessary to keep substantial numbers of black people moving (dislocating) from one place to another - spread out. Keep them moving. Keep them unstable. Keep them stressed. Keep them confused. Dislocation means you are forced to move, and with great loss.
4. ”White Sacrifice:” Sometimes, some White Supremacists enjoy serving as ”White Sacrifice” - but only If huge numbers of black people suffer or perish.

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