Who loved Margot Robbie as Harley?🔥

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  • adamgonzales
    This is from 2011 and the Joker didn't die. He came back to Gotham and reclaimed his face from the Gotham precinct a few issues after this one. - 2 months ago
  • saggrg
    @lin90eight - 2 months ago
  • grandaddy.leroy
    @cameronthetypeofnigga ik right - 2 months ago
  • grandaddy.leroy
    They need to stop this is deadshot black or white - 2 months ago
  • dark_lord_thomas
    @alex_jordanhead_601 are all villains in DC geniuses? - 2 months ago
  • dark_lord_thomas
    @alex_jordanhead_601 damn - 2 months ago
  • alex_jordanhead_601
    @dark_lord_thomas @doc_dragonfly she put the Joker’s cut off face on Deadshot hoping to speak to the Joker and then she said “let’s talk” then asked “why did you leave me?”. Deadshot then said things in a similar way Joker might, which followed by Harley getting on top of him and kissing Deadshot while wearing Joker’s face and he shot her in the stomach after getting one of his hands untied and grabbing a gun hidden within the sole of his boot while she was on top of him. - 2 months ago
  • alex_jordanhead_601
    @famedollaz she manipulated the sights in his mask then hit him in the back of the head with a sledgehammer while the light distortion was affecting him. - 2 months ago
  • jampal_
    thats graphic - 2 months ago
  • alex_jordanhead_601
    @albertostz2002 Everything proceeding Endgame. New 52 Batman Vol. 8 and 9, Batgirl Family Business, We Are Robin, Robin War and Batman and Robin Eternal all focus around Bruce not being Batman. - 2 months ago
  • alberto_tziouveli
    @alex_jordanhead_601 is there any of this story continued after the ammesia if yes can you tell me the name of this comic? So I can read it - 2 months ago
  • famedollaz
    That's fucking stupid to think Harley crazy ass could capture a brilliant assassin like deadshot when even batman has had trouble at times taking him on - 2 months ago
  • me_is_smol
    @cameronthetypeofnigga well I mean she’s crazy so her moves could be unpredictable - 2 months ago
  • l0ki_laufeys0n
    @villainfacts against thugs but NOT deadshot or the Joker. Sadly dc made her a Mary Sue (or what ever she was called) - 2 months ago
  • jackbwn
    @justant94 - 2 months ago
  • long_live_the_king_jp
    She loves him so much,cause they are both love physio - 2 months ago
  • eung_barti
    I hate the really overrated and plot armoured female anti heroes/villains. Gwenpool is just as bad as Harley when it comes to this - 2 months ago
  • dark_lord_thomas
    @doc_dragonfly no - 2 months ago
  • doc_dragonfly
    @dark_lord_thomas like did it not show anything else - 2 months ago
  • lalaharleta
    Omg i love this scene - 2 months ago
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