Lol they gave each other the business, but without Tony analyzing cap one style of cap fighting pattern and Bruce using kryp it would’ve been one sided the whole time. Edit: @thenerdyuniverse

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  • k.i.y.a.mr
    they both could kill them - 2 months ago
  • your_love1345
    Admin is a cap cocksucker and if he thinks cap can beat tony then he’s a dumbest thing on this planet . Cap is weak as fuck and can’t even beat Natasha - 2 months ago
  • your_love1345
    @real_kratos_231 ass* - 2 months ago
  • your_love1345
    @thenerdyuniverse son of a bitch go watch the scene tony was still kicking their add - 2 months ago
  • your_love1345
    @thumbless_gamer there is no point bro the admin is a fucking cap cocksucler - 2 months ago
  • paritoshkalyan
    @harshtnwar77 - 2 months ago
  • rahul_chandak
    1) Bucky interrupted ... 2) Superman didn't want to fight ... He wanted to tell him about martha - 2 months ago
  • v_harikrishnan
    Tony underestimated cap ...buck and cap friendship goals 😊 - 2 months ago
  • spider_m3me
    Fuck you mean? - 2 months ago
  • 501hayden
    Unpopular opinion: Tony was right and Steve was wrong. - 2 months ago
  • 501hayden
    Martha - 2 months ago
  • leroy_j_adams
    One was a decent movie - 2 months ago
  • martimlzrz
    But iron beat cap even though it was 1v2 - 2 months ago
  • jounnaah_11
    @jounnaah_11 Tony stark on Captain America Civil War could of beating up Both Bucky and Cap America. Yes he used the suit he made with the gadget he created to analyze cap ( see how far is the intelligence of Tony ?) this movie was made for cap so therefore he is supposed to win even if he loses. Cap America could not hold Vicky’s punch like Spider man did. But he can punch iron man suit and be okay ? How ? The suit never vent with his punches but yet he wins ? Cap got nothing but borrowed serum. Which I appreciate him a lot but the movie was made for cap. - 2 months ago
  • jounnaah_11
    @dragonwing4ever his intelligence is his the suit he made on the first movie was made by his inventions not by his dad. The whole point here is Tony stark - 2 months ago
  • marcum.s
    Neither Iron Man or Captain America won. They both ended up getting messed up and the Avengers on two sides. Zemo was the winner here - 2 months ago
  • _miss__stark_
    @_miss__stark_ I mean “He is a god” sorry 😂 - 2 months ago
  • comic.nation
    @comic.nation - 2 months ago
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