Just Quit Already: Day-by-Day Through Year One of Retirement. Day 11, Sat July 11. Plum juice! I know, not as exciting as Mouse In The House! from a few days ago but it is today’s project.

We have a backyard plum tree that every year looks pretty from the kitchen window when it is in blossom and produces a huge crop of purple plums that mostly go unused. When they are ripe we pick a few and eat them, but they are almost too juicy to be pleasant. Most of them fall to the ground and the deer wander into the yard for their own Plumfest.

We also have a couple of fruit-bearing apple trees farther down the yard near the garden. Some of the apples taste OK but they can be kind of tart and most years they are kind of pithy. Maybe they don’t get enough water down there; it’s true that we count on them to be kind of self-sufficient which is probably not the perfect fruit-orchard policy. This year, though, we’ve got a Strategic Plum Plan. We will harvest them and make juice.

A lot of philosophies that I believe in and try to practice roll into this: live lightly; refuse, reuse, recycle; go off the grid; self-sufficiency; eat healthy. For decades I have enjoyed gardening (though Enid is the main gardener around here now) and eating what I grow, but another one of my philosophies is to not labor too hard at it – I want the plants to do most of the work with just a little assist from me . . . (Read more at bartbecker.com and Facebook Bart Becker Projects.)

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