Pono is the personal & organizational, Hawaiian value of rightness and balance 🤲🏻 .
It differs slightly from the others, in reach: Most of us will spend more time aspiring to it, rather than fully practicing it. When a person is Pono they have the feeling of contentment that all is good and all is right in their life, a life of full integrity: Ma‘alahi is a Hawaiian word we’ll often use to describe this feeling, for it’s “a pervasive persuasion toward calm, peace, and serenity.”
Pono fully embraces the attitudes of positivity and optimism. Life itself excites you, and you are full of hope, seeing that the future can only get better. All the other Hawaiian values factor into the value of Pono - As we must arrive at Pono, having done the good work of getting there.
The Hawaiian values of Aloha are such a beautiful practice in life, always. I am one aspiring to learn and truly practice them living here in the islands. It seems the more and more I practice, the better life has become. Mahalo for reading, I encourage everyone share Aloha where ever you are and where you go🙏
Words from Managing with Aloha by @rsay

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