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Grilling like a vegan! .
- said no meat eater ever 😂
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(ok guys, Yeah, I try to keep a light attitude about the way I eat or I can get really down some days, missing my old favorites) I do eat meat every once in a while, but I really feel better when I don’t eat meat.
I gotta tell ya though,
This young jackfruit with bbq sauce on it tasted better than grilled chicken!!! You know how sometimes chicken tastes a little tough? Well, canned young jackfruit just melts in your mouth! It is so tasty and I think it’s my new obsession! .
I was messaging with my sister the other day about all the new possibilities I can make with jackfruit! Any recipe you use shredded meat in, you can use jackfruit instead! I’m thinking ...
salsa “chicken”
Teriyaki “chicken”
“Beef” stew
Etc, etc, etc...
Can you think of any other recipes? And has anyone eaten young jackfruit before?
Right out of the can it tastes delicious, a little like canned artichoke. .

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