The homie @luvvie & I had a blast showing some beautiful women (and a few good men) in Nola that they truly do at the intimate brunch we hosted as an . The summer is still young, see where travel can take you.

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  • reo_pay
    🌹 - 5 months ago
  • faydetoblack
    Sis people keep saying we look alike, what you think? 😩 - 5 months ago
  • hotlinebae_00
    My favouritee actresss - 6 months ago
  • aridergirls
    Sending you all our love - 6 months ago
  • vingvodka
    πŸ‘ŒπŸ½ - 6 months ago
  • tania.joceelyn
    Hi, I know that maybe you do not see this message, but could you please follow me? I am a big fan of yours, it would be a great dream that you would follow me, I admire you very much, many kisses from me and a big hugπŸ’‹. I hope you can read this. My name is Tania and I'm from Mexico😍😊. I love you😍 I hope to be noticedπŸ’• - 6 months ago
  • jew.lee.saa
    That shirt is everything - 6 months ago
  • cribabi_33
    You are so beautiful n funny love u at the essence festival 😍 - 6 months ago
  • stormjennings930
    Creativity all over Im Godly proud of my #Sofcc buddy. - 6 months ago
  • myyuniqueness
    I love y’all. - 6 months ago
  • innerempress
    😍😍😍 all yall need to make a movie together - 6 months ago
  • kaylremrae
    @cri_station Zara! - 6 months ago
  • foxy2live
    I love yall to LIFE, my seestas, but Air B&B is KILLING the culture of New Orleans... If you love New Orleans, the way it is, PLEASE do NOT use Air B & B... I beg oh... - 6 months ago
  • courtneyadeleye
    Good seeing you for a hot second on the streets! πŸ€£πŸ’œ - 6 months ago
  • k_rockcafe
    πŸ’› - 6 months ago
  • definingrory
    Gorgeous ! - 6 months ago
  • f._jonathan
    Goodnight πŸ˜΄πŸ’­U - 6 months ago
  • rick_dee_man
    No invite to the dinner table - 6 months ago
  • crisecernuda
    @kaylremrae where is that top from it’s stunning! - 6 months ago
  • deedyer267
    I love this my ladies 😍 - 6 months ago
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