Today’s mail ... my first Marvel 10 years Figures from @in_demand_toys , the hulk buster is huge and the hulk’s face is easily the best yet ... also finally got Electro , can complete Space Venom now

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  • swingpro71
    🔥🔥🔥 - 7 months ago
  • jack_napiertoys
    @itsdanwho ah ok ... looking at how good they are I’m gonna have to get them all I think , i needed a hulk buster so got these , I have the age of ultron hulk but this looks too good so glad I got him now , I missed the cap / crossbones by about 2 mins so choose these instead , cap / crossbones will be next - 7 months ago
  • itsdanwho
    @jack_napiertoys not home yet, the completionist in me is going to want all these 10th Anniversary figures but I already have the re-painted hulkbuster and “Age Of Ultron” Hulk so not sure I can put the trigger 😐🔫 - 7 months ago
  • jack_napiertoys
    @itsdanwho really impressive with the bigger boxes and that , great detail too ... how’s the deadpool wave 2 ? - 7 months ago
  • itsdanwho
    Pow they are looking good!! 🙌🏻 - 7 months ago