Socs was diagnosed with the onset of arthritis tonight. My girl is 8 in October. Any tips on keeping your giant breeds happy healthy and moving in old age will be greatly appreciated.
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  • jesschlo98
    @bliss_addict CBD oil too and coconut oil in there food and massage the dog too 😊 - 3 months ago
  • jesschlo98
    Also CBD oil is brilliant for dogs etc too so look into that treatment and apple cider vinegar and coconut oil in there food is brilliant too. Ive also read that magnesium is fab for preventing cancer etc amongst other health problems too so I'm Sending positive health wishes to the beautiful big socs 🙏🙏 please keep us informed on how hes getting on much love 💜 - 3 months ago
  • meckbarroqueiro
    Glucosamine condroiten pills help - 3 months ago
  • bliss_addict
    Socs is beautiful. 💕 So sorry to hear about her diagnosis. I have a golden who will be 14 in August. Just in the last six months his back legs have become really stiff and weak. I’ve been using copaiba essential oil and it really seems to be helping. I get mine from Young living. A search on Amazon will return many more results. Also look into magnesium therapy ... even just using Epsom salt and water to soak her feet in. (be sure to rinse thoroughly due to the laxative affect if she licks her feet.) Magnesium is so useful in pain management and a wonderful mineral most domestic animals and people are deficient in. Feel free to message me if you’d like. Sending love and hugs for your sweet girl 😍 - 3 months ago