I made a new hood!! This time I used an actual ruler lololol. I forgot rulers were for straight lines on my last one and it did not turn out so neat.
A second time round was just what I needed to do! So much happier with this. As well as the foam, I also bought from @poly.props which I used to fill any big gaps and to make the spikes on the back piece.
All the pieces of the armour pattern from @stellachuuuuu fit together so much better this time! I’m slowly learning not to rush stuff! Next step is to prime, paint and seal with hexflex.

3 months ago 2



  • alliebeefx
    @gelfling_fx it works awesome, a little difficult to get smooth but it’s soooooo light weight - 3 months ago
  • infernal_fx
    Oooooh I’ve never seen craft clay before?? Does it work well? - 3 months ago