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One evening when you go home
After attending his marriage ceremony
And don't have anyone to talk to sleep
That's when you'll regret your fear.. Next morning when you open your eyes
And find no good morning text
And your feel an eerie emptiness
That's when you'll miss his smile.. In evening when you're sitting in balcony
Sipping your evening tea your unlock your phone
And have no one enquiring how your day was
That's when you'll miss how he cared for you.. Next morning when you wake up to his text
And it is about his funeral time & venue
A lone tear & sigh will escape from your eyes
That's when you'll think about your conversations
And realise the joy you both could have in life
But Darling, you cannot be sad about it
You have to move on & live with a smile
Because you knew how he loved and valued you
Still you friendzoned & forced him to move on.. Later on the same day you'll receive a letter
Where he will have written the reason for his suicide
"My wife isn't what she pretends to be,
Shez not worthy partner to ever stand by my side & live with me
And she made it clear that she has an affair going on
I was just another ATM with a lifetime guarantee for her."

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