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One Badge. Unlimited Possibilities. 
Salary $70,503 - $103,717
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  • kaynel529
    I’m very interested in becoming a deputy in LA. How do I start ? - 3 months ago
  • ehloraskalsky
    I’m going to join when I move back to California! - 3 months ago
  • m9a1man
    @yaya_xio Police work directly for the city. The Sheriffs Dept are part of the county. When a city doesn’t want to have its own police department, they contract the sheriffs dept to patrol their city. Sometimes, especially for small cities they don’t want to have to pay for police officers and all the logistics that go along with it, so instead they contract it out to sheriffs dept and now have the full resources of a very large and experienced force. Detectives, air unit, etc - 3 months ago
  • yaya_xio
    What’s the difference between the blue uniform police vs sheriff . Is sheriff for small towns only - 3 months ago
  • guns_guns_guns275
    70 is better than my 43!!! - 3 months ago
  • whiteyreddo
    How is the sherif academy compared to police academy? - 3 months ago
  • angelgrovepd
    Awesome - 3 months ago