Personal opinion, an area that often goes missing training women is their chest. One it’s a sensitive area and two we think of it as vanity training for dudes. It is very rare that a woman will come in and say “hey I really want to work my pecs or my front delts”. Here’s the thing, you can do bicep curls and triceps dips till the cows come home but if you don’t work your chest you are not going to be able to hold that heavy object (like a 35lb toddler) in front of you. Also as someone with severe neck issues, working my chest prevents me from over stretching the back of my neck pulling my head more forward and causing nerve pain. Working those “man muscles” allows you to do many tricks and stunts like inversions, planks, Ninja fights with swords.
In all honesty though if your no longer tiny child asks you to lift them up on to the monkey bars and then requires you to hold them the entire time guess what you will need? I will punch someone if they say a man.😡

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  • thehumblelion_
    Ninja fights with swords. Yes. - 3 months ago
  • bodyequations
    Oh yeah and don’t forget push-ups . Real push ups ... a strong chest helps! 🙄 - 3 months ago