Got to try out Scythe with both Invaders from Afar and The Wind Gambit.
Really like the two new factions. They are certainly more aggressive as they focus on jumping around the map ready to attack. The warp to a point ability is a lot of fun to use to ambush opponents.
The airships module was more mixed. As our factions were so far apart at the start of the game, we had time to expand out so the increased movement wasn’t as useful. I think the airships will play better with a greater number of players as it gives everyone a chance to move round the map and move past/over opponents.
The new game ending objectives that come in The Wind Gambit was one of the surprise highlights.
Having played a fair few games of Scythe, we often enter a similar process towards the end of the game to maximise points. With the new game ending objective, the end can suddenly creep up on you. This creates a lot of tension as you suddenly realise someone is close to ending the game.

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