Creating a cat eye in seconds using Chanel calligraphie gel liner with the beautiful @sydbaby_ πŸ˜γ€°οΈπŸ–‹ 1) Always looking straight ahead in a mirror.
Map out where you want your liner to start, to get gradually thicker and to end.
I like to draw two dots on either side of the pupil this is where my liner starts to get thicker.
2) Simply connect the two dots and continue to the end of the eye.
3) Take the pointed end of an angled brush and extend from the lower lash line out in the direction of your ear in a straight line.
(this is where you get to have fun with your cat eye for a more natural / Dramatic look)
4)Refine your cat eye by smoothing over with a generous coat of gel liner.

Et voilΓ 

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