WOW can you say old and creepy looking? This is what you look like when you continue to live the life of a partying 20-something year old. Could his hair be anymore plastered to his head??? 😱😱😱 @metoomvmt @dailymail @pagesix @usweekly @people @intouchweekly @okmagazine @laineygossip @hollywoodlife @thehollywoodfix @camimorronedaily @gossipcop @newsmorrone @mycamimorrone @camimorronefan @camimorronelatest @katewinsletofficial @gisele

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  • lhelentrofalgarsquare
    You are ugly - 9 months ago
  • leoandhisnextex
    @sig21 It is and he can definitely still look good but years of clubbing would effect anyone no matter how much money you can spend on facial treatments. - 9 months ago
  • sig21
    This pic is especially unflattering but he is still a handsome man. - 9 months ago
  • leoandhisnextex
    He looks deep in thought. β€œHow am I gonna pull off Coachella while trying to hide my junior famewhore? Of course I’ll have to ask pimp momma for permission to take her to Coachella and I’m sure she’ll want to tag along like she always does every time we go out. Maybe Disneyland or Chuck E. Cheese would be better for her.” πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€” - 9 months ago
  • emi_sgl
    poor Irmelin, thats very sad for her, know that her son its a creepy man - 9 months ago
  • emi_sgl
    creepy guy, @camimorrone #golddigger like her mother @lucilasola - 9 months ago