This is a Shona song whose storyline is the cry of the Zimbawean mother or parents rather. Due to the economic crisis amongst many problems, the people of Zimbabwe the youth in particular have been forced to relocate and move either West or East of the world and South Africa mainly.

They find themselves at the mercy of racism, abuse of all sorts and the most heartbreaking xenophobia from our South African brothers who seem to have forgotten so quickly that our people also fought for the liberation of their country and that our Zimbabwe was a hiding and survival place for their people during their war of liberation.

The parents are heartbroken at how poverty has separated them from their children.And live in constant fear for their childrens lives as they know the danger their lives in by just virtue of being foreigners in other countries. The parents turn to religion and God for comfort and they cry that they had hoped an angel would come to the rescue of their people but none seems to be coming. Hope sooner than later Zimbabweans will realise that no help is coming they are their own rescue plan. And that eventually the excellence of every single Zimbabwean combined with the right dosage of patriotism becomes the excellence of a nation. Love you Zimbabwe

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