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Milkha Singh experienced a tragic and difficult childhood growing up during the separation of India and Pakistan. He found his way to the Indian army where he was introduced to sprinting. He’d go on to become India’s most decorated Olympian. Amongst his accomplishments is a 4th place finish in the 1960 Olympics with a 400 m in 45.73 seconds.
This is blindingly fast but this is not even the most valuable contribution Milkha Singh has made.
At the age of 87, he is still active. And I don’t mean that he’s active for an 87 year old. He’s more active and physically fit/healthy than most people walking around.
I happened to watch an interview of him a few days ago and he talked about 2 major things that contribute to such levels of health throughout life.
1. Eat the right amount of food. Almost all illnesses and diseases and health problems can be traced back to having too much body fat coupled with no muscle mass. And excess body fat happens because of too much food. In the interview he says to eat appropriately for your body. People seem to miss this part. They just stuff their faces all day, everyday. America’s overweight and obesity rate is now close to 70%.
2. Exercise and move your body for 10 minutes daily. He talks about how blood flow is the key to everything and they only way to increase blood flow is through movement.
These are the exact keys that we talk about at San Jose Barbell. These are the things I try to teach my clients. These are the keys that I live by everyday.
It’s not complicated. No waste trainer, detox tea, cleanse, or super fad new diet and exercise program is going to take the place of these 2.
I see all the old people (and even the younger people now) being unable to move. They have diabetes. They have high blood pressure. They are physically weak. Longevity is the goal and it’s for anyone to take. Just ask Milkha Singh.

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