@adesuwa and @stuckinteenage for , by @lynettegarland and @kegrand. 💵💵 “Modelling isn’t my main goal. It isn’t the big picture. But I started taking modelling seriously because I saw where people could go with it. I’ve seen so many girls do cool shit. Most of what I care about is Africa-based. It’s where I grew up and I have so many attachments to home and there are so many things that need to be done. It’s like you’re in the club but you know that your kid needs to eat, so you’ve got to go home and feed your goddamn kid! That’s the worst analogy ever made in the world – but it’s the truth,” says Adesuwa, who was on course to becoming a doctor before modelling, and is now in the midst of writing a children’s book. 📕📗📘📙 Photographer @lynettegarland
Fashion Editor @kegrand
Make up @mirandajoyce
Hair @bobrecine
Interview @giorgiojacobs
Casting @bitton

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