According to , one of our favorite couples and correspondent and activist have called it quits.
Insiders pointed out that Rye “wasn’t on his arm at the ” and, “she was also not at the fourth annual Toast to the Arts event Common hosted with the .”
Rye confirmed the split to “” saying: “We have and will always be friends. He is an amazing human being, and I’m a much better person because he’s a part of my life. May we all keep loving and living.”
He and Rye started dating this past summer and were fixtures on red carpets together at events such as the , CNN and the premiere of ’s “.” 😩🤦🏽‍♀️🙌🏽🤔💜

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  • missrowson
    Beautiful - 7 months ago
  • styledbymbm
    I just need to know what is he doing that he has these “amazing” women they speak so highly of him but they don’t last ever 😩 - 7 months ago
  • nmspann31
    Knew that wasn’t going to last - 7 months ago
  • incirclepromo
    I meant to say “him” at the end of my comment above - 7 months ago
  • ashantilo
    @incirclepromo Yeah, that MUST be it. Couldn't be anything else, so it must be weak dick. LOL. That's just nuts. - 7 months ago
  • chynadoll3
    Starting to think something wrong with Common. He’s been with great women. How could you not wife Serena but now Angela?!? - 7 months ago
  • ms_bouye
    Yasss - 7 months ago
  • incirclepromo
    Everybody saying it’s this...they saying it’s that...mannn....it could only be one thing...common must got weak dick...cause he gets the women..but they don’t stay with his ass...jus sayin...it don’t matter to me..but this is the last straw..I’m convinced that this nigga got weak dick..ladies jus don’t wanna say it-cause it fucks up the image they have of them...🤷🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️😂 - 7 months ago
  • love_peace_and_nappiness
    Not real anyway - 7 months ago
  • thecurlycrown
    @shbako now is your time! - 7 months ago
  • lpita61
    Never heard of her... 🤔 - 7 months ago
  • antski_143
    #keeplovingnliving - 7 months ago
  • _askmiko_
    Didn't know they were together. Wish them both peace and happiness! - 7 months ago
  • soebb
    @suprgurl2001 men can be an enigma 😣 - 7 months ago
  • suprgurl2001
    @soebb and I get it having children isn’t for everyone. Or maybe we think they are celebrities and ballin and maybe they don’t make the kinda money that we think they make. Maybe they’re just living paycheck to paycheck like soo many people. - 7 months ago
  • suprgurl2001
    @soebb yes, but he’s not the only man to be like this. He’ll end up@marrying some young 20 something woman and start having kids. I don’t get it... I don’t get men. I guess that’s why they say men are from Mars. Women are from Venus. - 7 months ago
  • raymondmata78
    😮😮😮 - 7 months ago
  • bamfbobbybrown
    Was bout to comment the SAME shit, he always catch a “woke” baddie but CANT keep em, shit or maybe he don’t wanna keep em. Who knows. - 7 months ago
  • jillscottfann
    I hate to say it cause I love them both. But I knew that wouldn't last they are complete opposites. - 7 months ago
  • kadeenfearon
    So I can have baby nw - 7 months ago
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