So they post pics on their Instagram and then they delete them. Don’t worry Cami everyone knows you and Leo are both in NYC. You’re not hiding anything by playing Instagram games. Wow and Leo is turned on by you? Oh no that’s right, he’s turned on by the fact that you’re a 20 year old immature model. 🙄🙄🙄 @metoomvmt @dailymail @pagesix @usweekly @people @intouchweekly @okmagazine @laineygossip @hollywoodlife @thehollywoodfix @camimorronedaily @gossipcop @newsmorrone @mycamimorrone @camimorronefan @camimorronelatest @katewinsletofficial @gisele

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  • ivonne__levi
    Dumb and dumber - 8 months ago
  • cade_5kywalker
    @lwdeas @nolongerafanofdicaprio are you 2 supposed to be former Leo fans? Why’s your page all about hating on a girl and her mother who’s associated with Leo? You sure you 2 aren’t obsessed Leo fans hiding behind a fake “not a Leo” fan page? Your imagination is rancid, making shit up and assuming who the girl is to Leo when you have 0 clue what actually is going. - 10 months ago