Was it really Valentine’s Day last week!? 🤭😂
Me and hubby @ollie_turton_performance have been passing each other like cars in the street for the last few months....or should I say ‘zombies in the night’ handing over our newborn baby as we pass 😂 it hasn’t been easy to spend quality time together and when we do we are pretty shattered! 😴
We are still trying to find balance in adjusting to our new lives as parents and team players and doing our best to stay on the same side, same team
For us it’s important to make time together by booking little staycations. This picture was in Hatta a few weeks ago, just an hour away from Dubai and with lots of adventure opportunities for an overnight stay
We have just booked a few days in Petra to spend together as a family in a few weeks, until then we will enjoy this crazy, manic, ‘hi, kiss, bye’ stage of life and our precious moments with our little Seren

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