Well well well. Leonardo DiCaprio and cami Morrone at the same party and just a few feet from each other. So is Leonardo DiCaprio screwing his 20 year old family friend who he’s known since she was 10 or is it just a BIG coincidence??? And looks like momma is there to make sure her daughter follows in her foot steps and seals the deal with the aging modelizer who goes through 20 year old barely legal no name models like a bag of lays potato chips! What a gross creeper Leo is!

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  • leoandhisnextex
    @maditha1989 totally agree with you. They would not have been at Ellen’s party if it wasn’t for Leo bringing them with him. - 10 months ago
  • maditha1989
    @klo4klo_ I really think that they are in a creepy relationship. Does anyone really believe that someone like Ellen would invite Camila and her embarrassing mom to her birthday bash? I don‘t think so. I think Leo brought them both. And: Did you notice that her mother is still younger than her daughters boyfriend? 😬😑 - 10 months ago
  • tamarahuntermuststopabusingme
    Leo has a faithful wife named ANDREA, OF 11YEARS. - 10 months ago
  • monreaux_la
    Really great pictures! - 10 months ago
  • hfcomupdates
    @klo4klo_ it's rather disgusting. Her mum probably is agree because she did the same, maybe family's genetic! Very ridiculous. If it'll be, she'll be just one of many, nothing to serious as always, but in this case it'll ruin him image. - 10 months ago
  • hfcomupdates
    @klo4klo_ Mh..you're right but honestly I don't see Camilla different from all the others girls. But yes, it's a bit strange that he isn't NY now. I really don't know what thinking about this, even because I find Camilla so annoying and she seems a fake person, I'm pretty sure she is just using Leo for her new movie. I hope that this story would finish fast. Really don't like her. - 10 months ago
  • hfcomupdates
    @klo4klo_ Yes, ok but it isn't the first time that there is a "mysterious young girl" around him. Then if we talk about his image, Camilla would be a different case, inasmuch he knows her and her family by long time and people know it, so like you already said he could do something for reduce the rumor, but the fact that she is always around him could mean nothing, we haven't never seen a suspect behaviour from them (hugs, kiss, hold hands) they were only in the same place: like is been the case of Juliette Perkins, Lorena Rae, Elisabeth Turner. Camilla is just one of these girls, nothing more, nothing less. But we'll see. - 10 months ago
  • hfcomupdates
    @nolongerafanofdicaprio @klo4klo_ Probably because she isn't the first girl in this "situation" with him. Then, they know each other by long time (and plus she was/is friend with his godson, Milano) and for this reason it's strange that own now that her movie is getting out, she is started to "dating" with him and make it known so clear like in this moment (the Ellen's birthday, Morocco, Aspen..) I pretty sure it isn't a case, it's just a way for to talk about her and he isn't stupid, he perfectly know (or at least, I hope) that a relationship with her would give a "bad image" to him, inasmuch mostly of people know the bond between him and her mum and Al Pacino. So there isn't future for them, a couple of months and all it'll be forgot. - 10 months ago
  • joytasr
    ......they are prostitutes paid by him, and he goes out with her often because he likes - 10 months ago
  • leoandhisnextex
    @catherinestrit yeah how do you explain them being in the same places constantly??? - 10 months ago
  • hfcomupdates
    Camille is just a stupid rich girl who is trying to get attention for her career as "actress". But I'm almost sure that there isn't nothing between them - 10 months ago
  • leoandhisnextex
    So Leonardo DiCaprio, Cami Morrone and Cami’s mom have all deleted this post that they were tagged in. Hmmm why would they do that unless they didn’t want these videos out there to be seen that clearly show that creeper bordering on pedophyle Leonardo DiCaprio is clearly screwing Camila Morrone, his 20 year old family friend that he’s known since she was 10??? 🤔🤔🤔 - 10 months ago
  • leoandhisnextex
    I think he’s always been a borderline pedophyle creeper but it’s coming out more now that he’s getting up there in age. And a 20 year old girl who’s trying to break into acting and who’s mom is dating a man over twice her age is perfect for him. They’re all gross. 🤢🤢🤢 - 10 months ago
  • leoandhisnextex
    @klo4klo_ yeah right! He won’t own up to it because he cares more about his career than this girl and in the current climate in Hollywood he’ll get ripped for stepping out with her. Like I said before Leo is disgusting and borders on being a pedophyle! 😖😖😖 - 10 months ago