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A few weekends ago I got to see 3/4 of a Smashing Pumpkin. Turns out that’s all you need. Reviews were wrong and this was one of the top performances. In the present era of reunion shows of my youth and teens, #smashingpumpkins nailed it, where most others failed. Billy sang all the songs, not just letting the crowd do it, the set list was huge, the drums were on fire and James Iha was funny. Thanks. The video is their best song, “Drown” which is followed closely in second by Hummer, Mayonnaise, Frailed and Bedazzled, Soma, all of GISH, 33, Perfect, To Martha, Rhinoceros , Cherub Rock, Geek USA, Farewell and Goodnight, Here is No Why, Adore and 1979 and Muzzle and... Getting to see the Pumpkins again with Jay, prolly the tallest Pumpkins fan alive, was essential. @bangagong1 From listening to 45’s in the basement on Harrow Rd and on. And yes I wore the shirt to the show. Why not??? Why does it still fit? It’s an XL! I love the 90’s
Kissed your scalp and caressed your braaaiinn 💓 #lorde @Lorde
“We opened up doors and let our brothers in and the only time we fall is when the summer end” Winners Scripture 3:13
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